Friday, September 28, 2012

Bacon Apple Pie

So one of the things I love to do is cook. I actually have several recipes that I've come up with that I think I'll post on here when I don't have something good to write about. That's half of what today is about, and the other half is the fact that I'd just like to talk about what I'm going to attempt tonight.

I'm going to be baking a Bacon Apple Pie. I'll be taking some pictures and posting them on this entry once I've finished it on Saturday, because I'm going to make the pie tonight and then bake it tomorrow for a friend's birthday. I'm going to be using a delicious jarred apple pie filling I've had before and add chopped up bacon pieces to the filling along with some extra cinnamon, brown sugar, and nutmeg. I could make my own filling, but since I've never actually made a pie before (With the exception of Chicken pot pies) I decided to try and play it safe. By making a Bacon Apple pie. Yeah. Go me.

It's going to be topped with the standard bacon lattice cover, which I will sprinkle with more brown sugar and cinnamon. Hopefully this will turn out good. If it does, I'll be able to add it to my stable of recipes. I'll also be making a normal apple pie for my fiance and I, because if I'd rather share the ultra greasy Bacon Apple Pie with several people, and eat half an apple pie with ice cream. Since I don't really eat carbs, or much sugar, and lots of fruits and vegetables, when I indulge I LIKE TO INDULGE!

Since I know nobody is reading this right now, I'll just play a game where I pretend people are reading it. Check back on Sunday to get an update on with pictures for the Bacon Apple Pie, as well as a picture of the disgusting Apple Pie Ice Cream mountain I may be eating for breakfast tomorrow!

UPDATE: Unfortunately I didn't have time to take pictures of the pie. It did actually turn out really well, and everyone loved it. I was worried the bacon wouldn't cook well enough in the pie, or that it would get too crunchy and hard. It turns out it cooked just long enough so that the bacon was cooked well enough, and had the most awesome consistency ever. It was chewy and soft and full of pie juices. It was nice to take it out of the oven and bring it right to the party, so that it was still scalding pie hot when it go there.

If anyone is ever interested, I'll post the recipe for it. It was actually pretty simple, and a lot easier to do than I thought it would be.

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