Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kingdom of Loathing Halloween Event

For anyone who's interested, the internet browser game Kingdom of Loathing is currently in the midst of a Halloween event. It looks like it's a community collaborative effort to obtain a spooooooky message by way of non-combat adventures that reveal a tiny bit of the message each time you get it.

If you've never played Kingdom of Loathing before, try it out! It's a fun single player RPG with some multiplayer aspects. I've been playing it since 2005. The game comes out with a monthly "Item of the Month" which I'll be reviewing in the future when the next one comes out. I'll also post about community events like the current one as they happen.

Also, if you send me an in-game message (My user ID is - Kittenthateatbabies) I'll send you a "bonus content" package that will include some in-game items that provide you with bonus content from Item of the Months that were released in the past. They won't make the game easier for you, just give you some additional content to experience.

I would also be happy to answer most questions, but in general you can find all your answers on the Kingdom of Loathing Wiki, so if you ask me about something I may just point you to a page there. In most cases, they can answer your question far better than I can.

Have fun!


  1. Thanks for the follow, John! I couldn't find the Google Friends Connect widget so I could follow you back though.

    1. No problem! Just looking for interesting people to follow. I figured out how to add the widget so you can join my site. Thanks for the help! It looks like I'm attempting to do the same thing you are, as eventually I plan on trying to get my first novel published once it's finished.