Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

                SuperAmazing Wagon Adventure is an XBL Indie game released on July 6th 2012 by sparcevector. SAWA suffers from the same thing a lot of indie games suffer from. First of all, look at the name. What kind of game do you think you’d be playing if you played SAWA? It better be a pretty damn awesome Wagon adventure. The XBL Indie game description states that it’s a fast paced 2D action game with a random story. This leaves the buyer wondering “What the heck am I getting if play this game?” At least, that’s the way I felt. The images on XBL don’t explain as much as I’d like either. So, what is SAWA, and is it good?

                SAWA turns out to be a side scrolling 2D SHMUP where you have to make a choice at certain points in the game. Either choice leads takes you on different paths, which isn’t always the same. Ford the river or try to have your Wagon jump it? Sometimes if you ford it, you’ll cross the river. Or you end up on an underwater adventure. Jump and you’ll just make it. Or you’ll fly into space. This is one thing I loved, the random and ridiculous situations you’d find yourself in.

                Though the game has many crazy situations you’ll find yourself in, you can tell by playing the game that it is heavily inspired by Oregon Trail. You have three characters who each have their own independent health, that diminishes as you take damage. When a character runs out of health, you lose that character forever, often to a gruesome death. You can also find different weapon upgrades as you play the game such as firing hawks that return and dinosaur eggs that explode into baby pterodactyls. In addition you can unlock new wagons, that each have different unique abilities, such as starting with extra health, a weapon upgrade, or moving faster.
I bet this is what the Oregon Trail was really like anyway. Driving your wagon into a herd of stampeding buffalo while you fired upon them with your machine gun.

                The graphics are pixilated and retro. The music also reminds me of an old video game. I really loved how upbeat and fun the music was, which was one of the reasons I bought the game. I sat there, after I completed the demo, needing more.
She's going to go in there and get violated by giant poisonous snakes. OR FIND TREASURE! Snakes be damned!

                So, does Super Amazing Wagon Adventure provide what its name advertises? Yes, of course it does! Go pick it up! It’s sparcevector’s first game, and at only 80MSP, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t be flying through space on your dinosaur wagon dodging asteroids and unloading shotgun pellets into said asteroids RIGHT NOW!

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