Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekly Indie Game Release List for Dec. 2nd - 9th

Hey everyone. Sorry for the huge lack of updates recently. If you want to know more about whats going on with my health, check out my update on my "About Me" page. Long story short, I'm okay. I can't guarantee I'll adhere to my update schedule until I get my surgery and recover from that, but I'll do my best until then. I'll be posting the release list for last week today, and then a review for Christmas Carnage later this evening.

Without further ado, here's the Xbox Indie Games that came out from Dec. 2nd to the 8th!

Dec. 2nd

  • Santa's Xmas Dash II
    • Xbox Live Description - Santas Xmas Dash is back and better than before! Help Santa deliver the presents, with all the great features of the first game plus a new multiplayer race mode and single player 60 second dash. With added support for the thumbstick and left/right triggers its more challenging than it ever was. Watch as events scroll on from the left giving you time to prepare for each event.
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - OFFLINE 2 - 4 PLAYERS
    • Website - Lost World Creations
    • Game Type - Action & Adventure

  • AHH, Halloween Pie!
    • Xbox Live Description - Can you help the Witch get what she needs!?! A short but exciting 2D Platform Action game for one player With random elements so each game will differ from the last!
    • Price - 240 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - INGENIOUSFUN
    • Game Type - Action Platformer

  • Space Egypt
    • Xbox Live Description - Return to Mars in command of the Curiosity Rover II in a mission to save NASA. Raid the ancient Martian pyramids to gain treasure to shore up the space program's budget in this classic arcade style game. Features high score saving.
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - We Love Hamsters Software (Couldn't find one)
    • Game Type - Retro Classic

Dec. 5th
  • 2D Voxel Madness
    • Xbox Live Description - It's time for 2D Voxel Madness to the EXTREME! Build expansive worlds, fight evil enemies, and search for treasure in this 2D Voxel world. Nothing is unpossible as you fashion new worlds all your own. This is a great game to play if you enjoy platformers, mining, or fun.
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - Fun Infused Games
    • Game Type - 2D Voxel Platformer

Dec. 6th

  • Tricky Treat
    • Xbox Live Description - Happy Halloween ! Control Batboy to Fly and collect 12 candies to win the game. Watch out though because some treats are tricky ! This is a different type of flying skill game.
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - awgsknite (No Website)
    • Game Type - Batboy... Flight Simulator?

  • Retro Pixel Racers
    • Xbox Live Description - Retro Pixel Racers is a fun top-down racing game where you control of little cars racing over exciting tracks. Race in 14 different tracks to earn all the trophies. Start your engines and prepare for the craziest and most addictive racing game ever. Retro Pixel Racers is the fastest, most fun top down racer, loads of levels to race. Collect stars to unlock tracks and complete the game.
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - Josep Monzonis (No Website)
    • Game Type - Retro Racer

  • Project Gert: Recon
    • Xbox Live Description - The sequel to Project Gert: Moonbreaker, Project Gert: Recon combines an action adventure platformer with a puzzler. The characters are backed by professional acting voices, and the awesome gameplay is backed with art which is already drawing the applause of critics.
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - Modern07 (No Website)
    • Game Type - Scantily Clad Platformer

Dec. 7th
  • Vampire Slayer FPS
    • Xbox Live Description - Vampire Slayer is a fast and furious multiplayer team game that pits the stealth and speed of Vampires against the weaponry of the Slayers. There are bots for singleplayer too.
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - ONLINE 2 TO 6 PLAYERS
    • Website - Raoghard (No website)
    • Game Type - FPS Vampire Execution Simulator

Dec. 9th
  • Dream Divers 2
    • Xbox Live Description - Explore the marvelous world of Dream Divers again while controlling sexy and talented divers.
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - Team Shuriken
    • Game Type - Scantily Clad Diving Simulator

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