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Release List for Nov 25 - Dec 1st

A ton of indie games came out this week.... holy crap! To help my blog not be such a chore to load, I'm going to start putting my posts behind breaks. Honestly, I should be doing that anyway. So, without further ado, here are the Xbox Live Indie Games that came out for the week of Nov. 25th through Dec. 1st!

(Note: If you're a developer of one of these games and you have a website, please tell me! In my opinion it's really important to have a website for you company, and if you have a forum it gives your fans a way to interact with you. People want to tell you how much they love your game... so make sure they have a way to do it!)

Nov. 25th

  • Inventions of evil Intentions
    • Xbox Live Description - Battle your friends in a crazy robot rumble. Destroy their thruster so that they cannot fly, their weapon so they cannot shoot and then avoid them when they try to selfdestruct, taking you with them. Compete for the highscore at a singleplayer race by surviving in a devious world while being forced to flee from the rising lava. Lots of sheep included in every game!
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - OFFLINE 1-4 Players
    • Website - FallenMaster (No Website)
    • Game Type - Action & Adventure
Nov. 27th

  • To Nebula's End
    • Xbox Live Description - This is a game you the objective is to live for as long as you can through an endless amount of enemies. As you make your way through all of the enemy ships you realize that their numbers keep growing and that they keep getting tougher. Sooner of later you realize that your time is limited and that your goal now is to take as many ships with you before you reach "Nebula's End".
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - x1 Shot Shooter (No website)
    • Game Type - Shooter

  • Ball Track Builder
    • Xbox Live Description - Build a track in realtime and let the ball hits the barrel. 45 levels 5 game mode A vey new game type 80G
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - Coimbra79 (No website)
    • Game Type - Track Building/Ball Roller

  • Battle Cubes
    • Xbox Live Description - Battle Cubes is a fast paced, action packed, multiplayer first person shooter that combines the best features from classic and modern games. Play on Xbox Live with 16 of your friends or 31 via System Link! Have a second player drop in at any point and play with up to 2 players split screen. You can customize your cuboid with hats! Includes CO-OP and Competitive game modes!
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - ONLINE for up to 16 players and Offline for 2
    • Website - Norwind Interactive Ltd.
    • Game Type - First Person Shooter

  • Aeternum
    • Xbox Live Description -  When your best friend is missing, kidnapped or maybe just out to lunch, what’s a magical demon girl to do? Tear Aeternum Academy of Magic Arts and Sciences apart trying to find her (or where she’s eating) of course! Cat-wrangling squids, corgis in spaceships or hipster witches, nothing can stop Ellica in this quirky bullet-hell shooter that will test your limits to their limits. And maybe beyond.
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - Brooks Bishop
    • Game Type - Shmup

  • Blowball's Adventure
    • Xbox Live Description - Help Blowball to save the world by stopping the evil rose and its allies in this funny Shoot 'Em Up for kids and adults. Enjoy four different levels, tricky enemies, unique art style and impulsive music!
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - Serious Monkey Games
    • Game Type - Shmup

Nov. 28th
  • Zombie Hunter 2D
    • Xbox Live Description - The exciting, yet smaller by 1 dimension, prequel to Zombie Hunter. You are given the task of saving as many survivors as possible while defending yourself from the hordes of zombies that have infested the catacombs. Can you end their zombie terror? If so, a surprise awaits you at the end...
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - Ghere Game Studios (No Website)
    • Game Type - 2D Shooter

  • Robot Legions
    • Xbox Live Description - Blast your way through the legions of robots to liberate your homeplanet! Robot Legions is a twin-stick arena shooter that features several different enemy types, each with unique behavior. As players defeat enemies, they will collect cash that they can use to upgrade their defense and firepower. The game also features several special feats to accomplish for players who want an extra challenge.
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - Sentry Games
    • Game Type - Twin Stick Shooter

  • Christmas Carnage
    • Xbox Live Description - Blast your way past the enemies of Christmas in this multiplayer shooter! Battle through over 20 levels of unique enemies to unlock new game modes. Only YOU can save Christmas!
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - OFFLINE 1 - 4 Players
    • Website - Bandana Games
    • Game Type - Holiday Themed Shooter

  • Space Crüesader
    • Xbox Live Description - Space Crüesader takes the classic bedlam of dual-stick Robotron-style shooting action into space and adds nail-biting, scream-at-the-screen twists to challenge you. Fight through six increasingly hectic levels, each with custom music and new enemies, then brace yourself for the 7th circle of bullet hell on the final level as you blast your way to the alien mothership for a showdown to save Earth.
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - OFFLINE 1 - 2 Players
    • Website - Unfinity Games
    • Game Type - Twin Stick Shooter

  • Red Tie Miner Zombie 3
    • Xbox Live Description - Red Tie Miner is back with a vengeance, in this new episode featuring six huge and exclusive new levels!
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - Maximinus
    • Game Type - Action Platformer

Nov. 29th
  • Skyfish Forever
    • Xbox Live Description - 
    • Skyfish must defeat the New Parody Order, remnants of Parody the Hedgehog's forces. Epilogue.
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - TGC (No Website)
    • Game Type - It's listed as other. I'd like to give you more information, but... uh... look at the screen shots.

Dec. 1st

  • Cool Shapes
    • Xbox Live Description - Cool Shapes is a new puzzle game where you have to fill in the hi-lighted area on the grid. But the Shapes can't pass through each other. So you may need to navigate around to get the pices where you need them.
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Websie - karl90 (No Website)
    • Game Type - Puzzle

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