Monday, November 19, 2012

Avatar Farm Online

The horse is watching.
He's always watching.

Avatar Farm Online was recently released on November 16th 2012 and made by Milkstone Studios. They originally created Avatar Farm, which has been their most successful game to date. Avatar Farm is much like the social Facebook game Farmville and its ilk, but the original version had no online components. The newly released Avatar Farm Online fixes this problem, and now you can visit other people’s farm and help them out with it, if they allow visitors to do so. How are the online components, and how does Avatar Farm Online compare to other farm sims?

Check out my creepy forest farm! I harvest sadness from it.
I have an endless supply coming out of my face!

The graphics for Avatar Farm Online are bright, simple, and cartoony, which is very appropriate for this style of game. Your character is your Xbox Live Avatar, and it almost feels like the games graphics were built around that, so your avatar will fit perfectly into the game’s world. I did notice some slow down though which was right after I had just planted several plants that had the water drop symbol above them. As I watered the plants and the symbols went away, the game went back to its normal speed.

If you’re familiar with farming sims these days, you know how to play this game. Plant crops, harvest them after X amount of time, rinse and repeat. As your farm levels up you’ll gain access to different types of crops, structures, animals, vehicles, and decorations. You’ll also get more farming space as you level up.

When you water your plants, you're avatar claps his hands,
and the water comes pouring out. Stop being so nervous! Just
go ahead and ask her out already!
The game features two different types of currency, gold and cash. Gold is the more common currency, and it’s what you receive every time you harvest your crops. Cash is rarer, and usually requires different means to gain more of it, some which seem far more difficult than others. I’ll leave a tip I found to accrue cash in the comments of my review. I really appreciated the way this works, because in the aforementioned Farmville, the only way to acquire the more rare Farmville Cash was to pay for it with real money.

Helping other people with their farms right now is pretty limited. You have options to set permissions for guests, so that they can either harvest and water crops or have full permissions to do everything. You can also set it so that guests cannot not take any action on your farm. When I first started I had it set to full permission for whoever joined, but then someone came in and sold a lot of my cash items when I was going to the bathroom. I quickly reset my permissions. The game currently supports up to sixteen players per session.

Just think, this sprawling farmland could be yours. Are you ready to get blisters
on your fingers from pretending to hoe and till a farm for 30 minutes a day?
If you like farm sims, you’ll find Avatar Farm Online a lot of fun. This is also a good game if you’ve never played a farm sim before and have been interested in trying one out. Milkstone Studios has stated on their blog that they plan on adding more content for high level players, and encourage people to leave comments on their blog with features they’d like to see. So if you have an idea, don’t be afraid to let them know! Avatar Farm Online is currently 80 Microsoft Points, which is supposed to be for a limited time, so pick it up before the price goes up!


  1. As I stated in my review, here's a tip for making quick cash. What I did was build a few green houses, which you harvest cash from every time you harvest ten flowers. Then just plant lots of clovers, which can be harvested in ten minutes. These are considered flowers, so it's really easy to just take an hour and harvest lots of flowers and get cash for doing it!

  2. Milkstone Studios is really bringing it with XBLI support.

  3. does anyone know what the barn is used for. it keeps coming up not ready yet and i am level 15 for farm xp and level 11 for my avatar

    1. Hi the barn doesn't do anything accept allow you to plant GRAPES which allows you to harvest for wine barrels.

  4. does this game require gold membership to play? My sons gold membership just expired, and now he is unable to access his farm with just xbox live. However, my daughter has no problem accessing and playing on her farm? Is there a way my son can still get ot his farm to play local? Everytime we click resume game it just pops up an error that sbox gold membership is required?

  5. Hi to be able to play offline got to my farm in the start up menu and you should see your saved game press x on joy pad and change it to offline and you should be able to continue without being on Gold, hope this helps.P.S you can only play these games as long as you are on live!

  6. im trying to let people on my farm how do i do that my menu dont say ket people play it says resume game or my farms join online how to play bonus and extras

  7. If you put your farm permissions on BUILD then other players can do everything but delete.

  8. go to where you can create a farm menu. Click "my farms". Pick the farm you want to change settings for. Click blue button or X on your controller and then just arrow over to offline or public or whatever you want.

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