Saturday, November 17, 2012

Indie Game Release List Nov 11th - 17th

Nov 15th

  • Hostile Hustle
    • Xbox Live Description - Overhauled Version of 2011's "I Accidentally In Space! EP1" with 30 updated levels, graphics and gameplay! Platformer meets vertical shoot-em-up in this retro genre mashup. An explosion at the Mining facility on Deimos has scattered valuable space gems all over space, & the aliens determined to protect them are doing everything in their power to keep you from getting them back!
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - Lethal Martini Games
    • Type - Platformer/Shooter

November 16th

  • Three Dead Zed
    • Xbox Live Description - Breaking out of a testing facility, Three Dead Zed (3DZ) lets you take control of an experimental zombie that can transform into three unique and distinct forms. Quick reflexes, a little problem solving, and some rescued kittens, players make a violent exit that won't be forgotten by their captors. 3DZ is an action/puzzle platformer that features beautifully hand drawn characters and environments.
    • Price - 240 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - Gentleman Squid Studios
    • Type - Platformer

  • Avatar Farm Online
    • Xbox Live Description - The ultimate farming experience on your Xbox! This major overhaul to Avatar Farm features animals, farm expansion, online play, and improved graphics! Play with your friends and cultivate the best farm ever! This indie game has been developed by Milkstone Studios.
    • Price - 80 MSP (May only be this price for a limited time, according to their website.)
    • Co-Op - Online, up to 16 players at once!
    • Website - Milkstone Studios
    • Type - Farm Sim
    • Click Here for my Full Review

  • Zomp 3: The Quest for Z's
    • Xbox Live Description -Zomp 3: The Quest for Z's is a puzzle adventure game that is full of old-school fun! Collect all the Z's on the map while avoiding certain death. Enemies will stand in your way, push you around, trap you, and kill you if you're not careful. Follow Zomp through his dreams on many different themed levels: forest, ice, desert, underwater, space, lava, and caves.
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op- NONE
    • Website- skelman
    • Type- Puzzle/Collector

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