Saturday, November 10, 2012

Xbox Indie Game Release List Nov. 4th - 10th

Nov. 4th
  • Easy, Medium, Egghead
    • Xbox Live Description -  Compete to be top of the high scores and complete exciting challenges to earn awardments for your trophy shelf. Gain experience to improve your Brain Name, move up the matheletic ladder and become Einstein! 'Easy Medium Egghead' is a new quiz style XBOX Live Indie Game for up to 4 players. Who's the best out of your friends at mental reasoning? Now there is a fun game to put it to the test.
    • Price: 80 MSP
    • Co-op: 4 player LOCAL
    • Website - Fire Plum Studios
    • Type: Party Game/Puzzle & Trivia

Nov 6th
  • Rocket Girl
    • Xbox Live Description - Girl in a bikini straddling a rocket. F14s. Hot cops. Lasers. Pole dancers. Volcanos. T-rex. We know what's in your head. Now put her on your XBOX!
    • Price: 80 MSP
    • Co-op: NONE
    • Website - SoftwareByEugene
    • Type: Dodge the... stuff?
    • Trial Review: It was similar to Techno Kitten Adventure. I'm not really a fan of games that throw things up over the screen while you're trying to navigate. I understand that this provides a degree of challenge for a game, but this game was very obnoxious about it. Over all, I'd just refer people to Techno Kitten Adventure. I guess the only advantage this has over that is boobs. Are you willing to sit through sub-par game play for boobs? I'm not.

Nov 8th
  • Space Rage
    • Xbox Live Description - Space Rage is a retro 2D shooter with enhanced graphics for 1080p HD. Featuring multi-core particle effects engine and 50 levels of space age destruction.
    • Price: 80 MSP
    • Co-op: NONE
    • Website - None? Couldn't find one for Developer25. Is that like Inspector 8?
    • Type: Arcade Shooter, like Asteroid

  • Alien Siege
    • Xbox Live Description - Defend your planet from the incoming enemy missiles, flying saucers and asteroids using your AMS rockets and Proton blaster . With support for 1-2 players, upgradable weapons, four different stunning worlds and three difficulty settings
    • Price: 80 MSP
    • Co-op: 1 - 2 players LOCAL
    • Website - Lost World Creations
    • Type: Defend the Base

Nov 9th
  • Shark Attack Deathmatch
    • Xbox Live Description - Shark Attack Deathmatch captures the awesome thrill of an underwater multi-player combat like no other game. Experience the beauty of the ocean depths as well as the sheer terror and savagery of Great White sharks as you take on your friends!
    • Price: 80 MSP
    • Co-op: 2-4 Online Multiplayer
    • Website - Lighthouse Studio Games
    • Type: FPS Shark Shooter
    • My full review for SAD can be found here.

Nov. 10th
  • Oh Noes!!2
    • Xbox Live Description - For too long they have mocked you. For too long have you been the accompaniment of some luke-warm fries and an obligatory soft-drink. Now it is time to make the human race pay for it's indiscretions against your meaty goodness. Sucks when you get vaporised by the lazer eyes of a psychopathic fast-food product from space... oh wellz....
    • Price: 80 MSP
    • Co-op: NONE
    • Website - ExecutiveIguanaStudios
    • Type: Shooter
    • Trial Review: You play as a hamburger and abduct people while destroying cars, dudes with guns, and... dolphins? I had fun with the trial. I would think about buying it.


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