Saturday, November 24, 2012

Indie Game Release List for Nov. 18th - 24th.

Nov. 18th

  • Alpha Ship
    • Xbox Live Description - A new exciting and fun way to learn the letters of the English language! Hear their sounds and enjoy the fun experience of learning!
    • Price -  80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - Dingy (The developer doesn't have a website, so I assume this game was designed by a dingy bobbing up and down in a lake.)
    • Game Type - Educational space... thing?

Nov. 19th

  • RAD Infinitum

    • Xbox Live Description - Take the role of Conrad "Rad" Roberts, valiant Captain of the Earth Space Corps, and blast your way through EIGHT whole levels of non-stop awesome!
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - Trey102007 (I could not locate an official site for Mr. 102007.)
    • Game Type - Space Shooter

Nov. 21st
  • Trailer Park King 3DD
    • Xbox Live Description - He's a gamer, a greeter, a game show host, and a connoisseur of the ladies! Purchase “Trailer Park King” now for a chance to work as the all-powerful Greeter! From the creators of "Cherry Poke Prison".
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - Freelance Games 
    • Game Type - Action & Adventure

Nov. 23rd

  • Avatar Monster Truck
    • Xbox Live Description - Loop the loop with your Monster Truck! Ride through all the obstacle courses, and beat the developer ghost record. Trial is more fun with a Monster Truck! 
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - Maximinus Games 
    • Game Type - Monster Truck Obstacle Course

  • STRACO Episode 1
    • Xbox Live Description - Think you can save the world all by yourself? Well think again! Heavily outnumbered and out gunned, it's time for you to start dropping towers like a crazy tower dropping tower dropper! Survive against the odds, beat back the enemy hoards, march to glorious victory, rescue the fair maiden... wait... what? Forget that last part.
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - NONE
    • Website - NotVeryOriginal 
    • Game Type - Tower Defense
  • Racedrome City
    • Xbox Live Description -  The latest chapter in the Racedrome saga raises the bar with improved handling, physics, and visuals. Enjoy high-speed urban racing against strong AI, or challenge up to 8 players online. Also included is local multiplayer, global scoreboards, rewind function, and more!
    • Price - 80 MSP
    • Co-Op - Online up to 8 Players!
    • Website - Juan Alberto Munoz (Couldn't locate an official website for him)
    • Game Type - Urban Racing

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