Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rainbow Rapture

Nothing about this box art implies the
 mass murdering you're about to commit.

I've had Rainbow Rapture sitting on my Xbox 360 since it originally came out on December of 2011 and I've been playing it off and on ever since. In the game you play as a Rainbow Cloud who has awoken from his slumber and is entirely dissatisfied with what’s going on down on Earth. So what does he decide to do? EAT. EVERYONE.

Rainbow Rapture is simple fun. You slide along hills and hold the A button to build up momentum, so that when you reach the end of a hill you sail upwards. And that’s it. No directional buttons, no “SHOOT THE CORE”, nothing. Just push the A button.

That's bad form there, you're hurtling towards that hill like a
meteor when you should be gliding into the curve of the hill
like a slippery uncooked chicken.
As the Rainbow Cloud glides along the ground you’ll eat any humans that get in your way. You can also find power ups, such as a blimp that will make you suck up all the humans regardless of your proximity to them for a short period of time, or an oil truck that will turn you black and make you more slippery. You get bonuses for eating people, flying through the air for longer periods of time, and for moving without slamming into the ground and slowing yourself down. Eventually you’ll start to accumulate little rainbow butterflies who will swoop down and retrieve humans for you, shoving their tiny flailing corpses into your thundering maw. The Rainbow Cloud’s health bar is represented by your rainbow meter on the left side of the screen, which is constantly depleting. Play well and you’ll last quite awhile, where as doing poorly will cause your health meter to deplete very fast. When it runs out, it’s game over.

I like to think of the health bar as an awesome rainbow mohawk.
 The game gives you a reason to keep playing in the form of different challenges. These challenges are pretty basic, such as “Fly X Feet” or “Eat X People” and you can only work to complete three challenges at a time. You can also compete via the leader board to try and get the greatest distance flown. As you play the Rainbow Cloud will also spout some very cryptic dialogue about how unhappy he is with the human race. It was unfortunate that I had to concentrate on what I was doing because this distracted me from seeing some of this dialogue, which is actually quite funny.

Some of the challenges you'll be facing.
 Rainbow Rapture was created by Kindling Games and currently will only run you 80 Microsoft Points. I really enjoyed the game, and it reminds me of some simpler games that you’ll see on flash based game websites. I would've liked to see more features in the game, perhaps a shop where you can buy upgrades for the cloud by spending human souls, but the game is still very enjoyable as is. If you've ever wanted to see the destructive force of a rainbow then you will get a lot of fun out of Rainbow Rapture.


  1. This game looks like a load of dribbling nonsense.

    In a good way.

  2. I played the demo for this last week and found it pretty fun, but it's more of a smartphone game. Which there is a game that has been out a while and plays just like this one. It's called Solipskier, it is a flash game turned Iphone game

    1. Yup, Rainbow Rapture is also available for Windows phones, as far as I know. But this game is only 80 points, and it's still a lot of fun anyway. It's nice if you access to a gaming platform via a phone, but I do not and I know there are other people out there who don't.